Wig Out Wig out gamewright [DF134] - £12.00 : Double Flip Ltd

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Wig OutWig OutWig Out

Wig Out

Price £12.00

A wild and hairy card game! Wig out is a race that is played over five rounds, there is no taking turns, all players play cards as fast as they can until some runs out of cards and yells WIG OUT!  A bit like the classic card game Racing Demon, once some one puts down a pair all the players can add their cards to the pile.  Put together a pair of pigtails, combine a couple of coiffed cats, match a mullet or some mohawks, until you have none left.  Fast furious and rather loud - in our experiance! Winner of Oppenheim Best Toy Award.


Double flip: Double up hair dos to win!


Age: 6 years +


Players: 2 - 6


Teaches:  Matching, concentration, hand eye coordination, and quick thinking


Flippers verdict:  A hilarious and fun game for all the family