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When I grow up I want to be a ......

Posted on 26th April 2012
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‘I’m going to be a model when I grow up’ says my little Petal. Pop star, film star, TV presenter, or just FAMOUS have been previous career choices .....  How does one answer such statements from our little ones? The wonderful optimism of youth. I am always torn. Give them a bit of realism, manage their expectations and pop their bubble? Just say ‘yes dear?’ Or should we match their enthusiasm with 'what a brilliant idea!'  What did Adele and David Beckham's mums say? Some kids do make it.

Luckily most children change their minds on a weekly basis, so let them explore every avenue I say.

Having been forced to do modeling for her mother my daughter has now discovered how time consuming and often boring the job is, like most things modeling is not as easy as it looks, maybe letting them find out the hard way is answer.

Here is my little fashionista.  (She had to bribed with the latest edition of Girl Talk magazine.)  This week she is going to be a fashion designer.



Reversible Star Dress 

roxanne 26th April 2012 3:53pm
Hi Lucy, lovely pics of O!
Can you add links to the images? x
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