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Top show stopping double-flip toys

Posted on 14th May 2015
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‘Mummy my best present is ....’



In our house the children start planning their birthdays (April) right after Christmas.  The very thought makes me want to go and lie down in a dark room.  So by the time I really start planning their birthday, many lists later, the anticipation and excitement is at fever pitch.  The pressure on us parents to get it right is immense.  Managing expectations is essential, we are horrified at the prospect of our little darlings to turning into foot stamping monsters, but on the other hand a disappointed face on birthday morning would also be unbearable.  All year long I counter ‘ Mummy please can I have that,’  with ‘Put it on your birthday / Christmas list.’  And so when the time comes I really want to see that glow of pleasure, can’t stop smiling face, that shows that they are bursting with happiness.


SO - here are our top 6 tried and tested toys across the range.  The show stoppers, the ones where parents come back to me and wax lyrical about how delighted their little flippers were.


Red Riding Hood Reversible Upsidedown Doll



Every one knows and loves Little Red Riding Hood, and this doll brings the tale to life, with three characters in one toy . Charming details such as her picnic basket can be opened (magnetic fastening) to reveal jam and waffles for tea. Her stroll through the woods is depicted on the base of her skirt. Then turn her skirt over and underneath Granny can be found waiting. Pull back Granny’s hat to reveal the hungry wolf. But all is not lost, open the flap and the hunter re-unites the family.

Height: 22cm, Length: 14cm, Width: 24cm

Double Flip: Three in one upside down doll, with grandmother and the wolf under the skirt.

Teaches: Role play, encourages new vocabulary story telling

Age: From birth

Flippers verdict:  Beautifully designed and full of surprizes - one of our best selliers.

For more info CLICK here


Cinderella Rags to Riches Reversible Fancy Dress



Rags to riches in one dress. Brush up your acting skills and tell the whole story with one costume. One side has patches and a ragged top skirt. Bibbity bobbity boo! Behold, with one quick flip the dress transforms into a golden gown with ruched sleeves and a jeweled neck line. White and gold organza lace fills the middle panel. The skirt has a hoop for maximum flounce.


For more info CLICK here


Reversible Handbag with ringing mobile, keys, compact and purse


Perfect for little ladies, this beautiful reversible handbag comes with five accessories. Makeup compact with mirror, keys to the Porsche, ringing mobile, purse with two compartments, and no girl should be with out their own little fairy. A magnetic fastening keeps the precious content safe. The bag is in pretty green fabric one side, with an appliqué car on the outside to put your fairy in. The other side is in smart pink needle cord with a red side pocket, and appliqué spots. The charming detail which has been put into this bag really does make it a thrilling toy for every little girl.

Height: 26cm, Length: 10cm, Width: 23cm

Double Flip: The bag is reversible

Teaches: Role play, encourages vocabularly and story telling

Age: 9 months +

Flippers verdict:  One of our best sellers - a beautiful toy every little girl will love.

For more info CLICK here

Spaceman to Racing Car Driver Reversible Fancy Dress

A reversible costume for those with a love of speed and shiny engines! Explore space in the hi-tech silver suit, and then drive home in your racing car. Jacket, trousers and all important head gear.

For more info CLICK here

Farm Soft Play Set

A beautiful soft play set that babies and toddlers will love, and would also look great decorating a nursery. The farmer slots into his tractor for a trip around the farm.  The chicken, duck, pig, sheep and cow all have charming detail.  The dog can be put to bed in his kennel on one side of the farm and the farmer’s wife waves from a window on the other.  At the end of the day the fields fold under the farm, and are held in place with velcro.  Open the door or lift the roof of the house and the whole crew can be tucked up inside, keeping every thing safe and tidy. A handy handle makes the set a great toy to take with you.  


Double flip: Both a playset and room decoration.


Age: From birth


Teaches: Story telling and imagination, motor skills and hand eye coordination


Flippers verdict: Beautifully designed with great detail, a gift that will be played with for years.


For more info CLICK here


Wigwam Soft Play Set


This beautiful soft play set of ten little indians is great fun for all ages. The family will have many adventures with their canoe or horse and then while away evenings around the campfire and totem pole.  The wigwam closes, keeping every one safe (and tidy) inside. 


The set is safe from birth and so would make a great baby shower or christening present.



The Flip: The many elements of this set can be tidied away inside the wigwam.

Teaches: Imagination, numeracy, role play

Age: birth to 5 years

Flippers verdict: This set would look great decorating a baby’s bedroom until they are ready to play.

For more info CLICK here




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