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Top Christmas gifts for boys and girls aged one

Posted on 3rd October 2017
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Being one year old is the most exciting time. Sitting up, crawling and then walking, the world is just waiting to be discovered.  They are bombarded with new smells, sounds and sensations. Colours, textures, buttons and bells, sorting, building and knocking it all down again, it is all great fun and they are learning new things every day.  No wonder they also sleep so much!  We spend days and days finding the most entertaining, stimulating and beautifully designed toys for toddlers, so you can just take your pick!

Chloe is a beautiful doll made from soft plush and pretty fabric. The baby's outfit can be taken off and reversed, and there is even a little nappy which toddlers love to 'change.' A rattle in Chloe’s tummy, lets you know when she is up and about, and makes her delightful for younger and older children alike.  Pop baby in bed and take her with you, Chloe is a real favourite they won't want to leave her behind.

Height: 18cm, Length: 24cm, Width: 13.5cm

Double Flip: The basket, the blanket and the dolls clothing are all reversible.

Teaches:  Role play, imagination, story telling

Age: From birth but perfect for 9 months +

Flippers verdict: Once they can walk toddlers love carrying this baby basket around.

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This traditional wooden Victorian steam train has eight wheels and charming hand painted details.  Pull-a-long toys encourage walking, and this train is sure to be popular.  This beautiful toy got a royal seal of approval when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge allowed Prince George to bring it along to a photo shoot for their christmas card.  

W25 x D7.5 x H14.5 cm

Teaches: Encourages walking, imagination

Age:  12 months +

Flippers verdict:  A classic pull along toy (with Royal Approval)


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Roll & Play has got to be the first game ever designed specifically for toddlers. To play, simply toss the big plush cube and identify which colored side faces up. Choose a matching color card and perform the simple activity shown, such as  “Make a happy face,”  or “Moo like a cow.”  Roll & Play is the ideal way to gently introduce play patterns and rules.  A lovely way for a toddler to play with older siblings, or indeed any one!

There is a handy storage pocket for the cards on the cube, making it a great game to take to other peoples houses or on holiday.  

Double Flip: Flip the six sided cube to play

Players: 2 or more

Teaches: Colours, play patterns, visual recognition, numeracy & taking in turns!  Colours, boby parts, animal sounds, counting, colours, actions.

Age: 18 months and up

Flippers verdict:  A simple yet brilliant way to interact with your toddler

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These clever boxes stack, but do much more too.  Each pair of boxes creates a character, and you can create your own funny characters by mixing them up.  Some of the boxes fit inside one another so you can ‘dress’ a charcter in new clothes. This is one set of boxes with several activities. 


Double Flip:  A clever set of boxes that stack, or fit inside each other or match up in pairs


Teaches: Logic & problem solving, shape awareness, motor skills & hand eye coordination


Our verdict: Brilliant fun on many levels. A compact set that would be great entertainment on the go.


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