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Tips for traveling with tots

Posted on 1st February 2013
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The reality is that traveling with kids is not always relaxing, how many of us have actually returned from a ‘holiday’ more exhausted than before we left?

1. Packing Babies and children always have a lot more paraphernalia than we do. Pack versatile items such as a toweling top in stead of a beach towel. Reversible clothes are fun and great for traveling light, try Remember washing dries quickly in the hot sun!

2. The journey Be ready for anything, and plan for the worst. Take wet wipes for mess, tissues for spills, a mini medical kit, and plenty of snacks. If flying, take sweets or chews to suck for take off and landing.

3. Getting lost Discuss what the kids should do if (heaven forbid) you become separated. Make sure they know your mobile number or write it on their hands. Agree a meeting point or tell them to stay put, depending on how old they are.

4. Sitting still (and quietly!) can be a challenge. So make sure you let them run about before hand. Children’s suitcases on wheels such as trunkies,, which they can also ride on, provide fun and exercise. Plus you can pull the children on them which makes for a faster pace through the station or airport.

5. Entertainment. Put together a back pack full of activities for each child (for them to carry!), and give it to them as you are leaving so that the contents are a surprise.


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