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Price £13.00

The worlds fastest game!  Everyone gets ten dice.  Someone says ‘GO’, then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they can until the winner gets all their dice to the same number and yells TENZI!  Simple but hilariously good fun.  To mix it up a bit you can play variations, such as: 


Tenzi tower -  roll your choosen number and then stack your dice.

Splitzi - roll five dice of one number and five of another.

Stealzi - If you see some one else roll your choosen number swop your dice for theirs!


Time your selves, use more dice, or mix any of the variations above, (more suggestions in the box.)


Four sets of ten dice in a pack.


Double Flip: Loads of variations to the game, so you never get bored.


Players:  From 2 to ....  depending on how many sets of dice you have!


Age: 7 years + (but we think younger players may get this.)


Teaches:  Numeracy, quick thinking and concentration


Flippers verdict:  Tenzi was a favourite with our little flippers. Easy to learn and a game every one will enjoy.


NOTE:  Colours vary so please let us know if you would prefer not to have pink in your set!