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Price £12.00

A favourite for over 20 years, this award winning, fun and fast game is based on the concept of Snap, but instead of pairs you are looking out for sandwiches! (ie. a card sandwiched between a pair.) Take it in turns to play the bread shaped cards to build slamwiches and double-deckers.  The first to spot a slamwich wins the pile.  


Once you have got the hang of that you can introduce the pesky muncher and sandwich thief cards, who make things a lot more difficult (and fun) for you! The winner is the one who ends up with all the cards.  Winner of prestigious Oppenheimer Best Toy Award.


Double Flip: Two levels of play and watch out for double-deckers!


Players: 2 - 6


Age: 6 and up


Teaches:  Pattern identification, hand eye coordination, game play


Flippers verdict: A brilliant game that is simple to learn and fun for all ages.