Red Riding Hood Upside down doll lilliputiens reversible red riding hood story doll [DF56] - £30.00 : Double Flip Ltd

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Red Riding Hood Upside down dollRed Riding HoodRed Riding HoodRed Riding HoodRed Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood Upside down doll

Price £30.00

Every one knows and loves Little Red Riding Hood, and this doll brings the tale to life, with three characters in one toy . Red Riding Hood has charming details including a picnic basket that can be opened, and the wild wood which is depicted on the base of her skirt. Turn her skirt over and underneath Granny can be found waiting. Pull back Granny’s hat to reveal the hungry wolf. All is not lost - open the flap and the hunter re-unites the family.

Height: 22cm, Length: 14cm, Width: 24cm

Double Flip: Three in one upside down doll, with grandmother and the wolf under the skirt.

Teaches: Role play, encourages new vocabulary and story telling

Age: From birth

Flippers verdict:  Beautifully designed and full of surprises - one of our best sellers