Pengoloo Pengoloo wooden toddler game [DF158] - £22.00 : Double Flip Ltd

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Price £22.00

Pengoloo is a brilliant memory game for children. Wooden playing pieces depict penguins who are all sitting on different coloured eggs.  Roll the dice and find the matching coloured eggs under each penguin.   At first you will find them by chance, but remember where the different colours are hiding and you will be the first to get six penguins on your ice berg.  For older children of six years plus, you can add the rule that you can take penguins from other players too.


Double Flip:  Two levels of play


Players:  2 to 4


Age: 4 and up


Teaches:  Memory, colours, game play, concentration


Flippers verdict: A great fun first game that older siblings will enjoy too.