Match up game and puzzle cards - Fairies [DF150] - £8.00 : Double Flip Ltd

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Match up game and puzzle cards - FairiesMatch up game and puzzle cards - FairiesMatch up game and puzzle cards - Fairies

Match up game and puzzle cards - Fairies

Price £8.00

Three activities in one, this neat set of cards will provide hours of fun.  


The Game  Place all cards face down and take it in turns to turn over two cards.  Get a match and you win the pair. Younger players can play with the cards face up and match up  cards as instructed by an adult ie. ‘find the two orange cards, or the two with blond hair’.  Children can take it in turns or see who finds the match fastest.  Great for colour / number recognition and development.


The puzzle Flip the 24 cards over and put them together to make one big puzzle.  


This set provides entertainment for a wide age range.  The sturdy cards come in a robust box.  Includes instructions for the games and parent learning prompts.


Double Flip: Double sided cards provide two games AND a puzzle

Teaches:  Memory, colours, taking turns, cognitive development 

Age:  From 2 to 6 years

Flippers verdict:  A fantastic portable set, that will entertain little ones at home, on holiday or any where! 

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