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Home or away - how to have a great half term.

Posted on 8th February 2016
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Half term, phew! The worst of the winter is over hopefully, time for some much needed rest and recouperation.  Whether you are going away or staying at home we will all need wet weather entertainment. 


Actually, getting cosy, preferably in front of a log fire, with the family and some hilarious games, is something I look forward to.  So, whether you are on a sunny terrace or on around the kitchen table, here is what to slip in the suit case:



6 years +

This fun and fast flipping game has been a best seller for 20 years.  Flip and stack the giant loaf of cards to build slamwiches and double-deckers.  Tomato, cheese, tomato ... slap!  Get their first and win the pile.  But watch out you’ll have to catch the thieves and stop meddling munchers along the way.  Collect all the cards and you are a Super Slamwich winner!



Flippers verdict: A brilliant game that is simple to learn, but fun for all ages.


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Wig out

6 years +

Wig out is a race that is played over five rounds, there is no taking turns, all players play cards as fast as they can until some runs out of cards and yells WIG OUT!    



Flippers verdict:  A hilarious and fun game for all the family


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7 years + (But we found younger players got it)

Everyone gets ten dice.  Someone says ‘GO’, then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they can until the winner gets all their dice to the same number and yells TENZI!  Simple but hilariously good fun.  




Flippers verdict:  Tenzi was a favourite of our little flippers. Simple but brilliant game every one can play.


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Age 4 years + (But every one enjoys this game!)

The classic game of bingo made cool for kids.  Players keep their eyes peeled for tokens to match the pictures on their card, see a match, and the first to shout ZINGO! gets the token.  The first to fill their card wins.  Comes with a simple but effective 'zinger' which dispenses the two tokens when pulled forward.

Flippers Verdict: Fun and fast game for all the family, but impossible to play quietly!

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