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Girl Power

Posted on 25th May 2012
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We spent last week at the Spirit of Summer Show at Olympia, and it has been great to meet so many of you and chat.  Thank you so much for all your lovely feed back, your opinions are very useful.
I was struck by how many parents said that they could not choose clothes for their girls with out their approval.  And I thought this just happened to me!  Like many of you said, if my little sweetie pops hasn’t expressly endorsed a piece of clothing she will never wear it, and it sits in the draw, grrr.  So there is no point in over riding her.
Children get their sense of taste from their parents right? She is still only 9, so we should be able to choose clothing they like?  I have spent some time imparting fashion wisdom such as don’t have more than one pattern.  Tight top, loose bottom and visa versa. These basic ideas she has taken on board thank goodness. ‘Less is more’ has been noted and discarded as a concept for now.  When she appears in her third outfit of the day at week ends, I am reminded that Selena Gomez, Rhianna, Katie Perry and her friends at school probably have the most influence on her fashion choices. 
They know what they like our girls, and I have reached the conclusion there is no point in fighting it.  In fact may be it is a good thing, clothes are an expression of an individual personality.  Children don’t get to make decisions regarding many things in their lives after all.  Luckily she is a big fan of this dress!
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