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Fabulous Family Games for Christmas ( that you will love too!)

Posted on 23rd November 2015
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Christmas is one of rare times of year when you actually sit down as a family and play games.  After a blustery family walk, and a huge meal, there is nothing better than to get every one together in front of the fire and play a rowdy game or two.  We have tried and tested a whole range of games to find those that are easy to learn and brilliant fun to play.  Even for grown ups!


Wig out  6 years +

Wig out is a race that is played over five rounds, there is no taking turns, all players play cards as fast as they can until some runs out of cards and yells WIG OUT!    



Flippers verdict:  A hilarious and fun game for all the family


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Tenzi  7 years + (But we found younger players got it)

Everyone gets ten dice.  Someone says ‘GO’, then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they can until the winner gets all their dice to the same number and yells TENZI!  Simple but hilariously good fun. 




Flippers verdict:  Tenzi was a favourite of our little flippers. Simple but brilliant game every one can play.


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Zingo  Age 4 years + (But every one enjoys this game!)

The classic game of bingo made cool for kids.  Players keep their eyes peeled for tokens to match the pictures on their card, see a match, and the first to shout ZINGO! gets the token.  The first to fill their card wins.  Comes with a simple but effective 'zinger' which dispenses the two tokens when pulled forward.

Flippers Verdict: Fun and fast game for all the family, but impossible to play quietly!

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Quarto 7 to 97 years!  A brilliant game of four in a row.  Simple to learn but totally absorbing.

Our verdict: A great present for older children, or even those tricky to buy for adults

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Slamwich 6 years + A favourite for over 20 years, this award winning, fun and fast game is based on the concept of Snap, but instead of pairs you are looking out for sandwiches!

Flippers verdict: A brilliant game that is simple to learn and fun for all ages.


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Pengaloo  Age 4+ years  Pengoloo is a brilliant memory game for children. Wooden playing pieces depict penguins who are all sitting on different coloured eggs.

Flippers verdict: A simple but great fun first game


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