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Double-flip packs reviewed by Blog Snowing Indoors

Posted on 19th October 2014
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Last week the kiddos got a fab parcel in the mail, two Double Flip activity packs to review from The Toadstool.

It was one of the few times that Ez was happy his sister was at school because it meant he got first play with the new goodies!

Double Flip make a range of clothes, activities and toys that are all reversible or double sided. We received the Fun and Games Mat and the Paint or Bake Pack.

First up we explored the Fun and Games Mat. It’s suitable from ages 3 and up and contains a large double sided fabric mat (100cm by 120cm) that can be drawn on or used as a game board and is easily big enough for 2 children to play on at the same time. It also comes with 5 dice, 6 playing counters and a pack of double ended washable pens.

Ez is too young to full understand board games but loved colouring in and doodling all over the mat. He also really enjoyed playing with the counters and dice. When Annie got home she joined in too and soon the mat was full of colour and drawings.

Because the mat is double sided that fun and games can last even longer, you just flip the mat over and you’re treated to a blank new canvas. Then you simply put it through the washing machine and start over again.

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The Double Flip Fun and Games Mat would be perfect for taking away on holiday because it comes with a handy carry bag and it kept the kiddos happily occupied for ages. This will certainly be going into our camping bag next summer as it’s perfect for spreading out on the grass, or inside the tent if it’s a rainy day.

Also I loved the wide range of activities included on the mat, colouring and drawing challenges, word searches, dot to dot as well as the board games.

The second pack was the Paint or Bake Pack and contained a reversible apron, wooden rolling pin, 2 metal star cookie cutters, a paint brush and water colour paint set.

The baking side of the apron has a handy pocket while the arts and craft side is wipe clean, very useful!

Ez and I decided to do a little baking the following day and he loved wearing his apron and cutting out the pastry. The wooden rolling pin is a Tala one so a recognised make and really good quality.

The baking accessories are perfectly sized for smaller hands and helps ensure the kiddo’s really feel like this is their set and not Mum or Dad’s. The apron is well made and comes in a choice of two designs.

The painting set included was a really nice one and both kids enjoyed donning the wipeable apron and getting all creative.

The Paint or Bake Pack is a perfect wet weather pack, so it arrived just in time for our run of less than pleasant weather.

I really liked how the set had everything you would need to bake or paint with a child, these kits would make perfect presents and you wouldn’t need to add anything to them to make them enjoyable (no batteries required!).

The other lovely thing was how creative both sets were, how they encouraged imaginative play, drawing skills or learning to cook. This is the sort of idea we love to pull out on screen free days.

Both of these sets are available from The Toadstool, who have just had a website makeover so head over and see what you think of the new look.

Disclosure: I was sent both kits free for the purpose of conducting this review. My participation is voluntary and my opinions, as always, are my own. No monetary compensation was given.


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