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double-flip fancy dress reviewed by Blog Misplaced Brit

Posted on 19th October 2014
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Misplaced Brit




Reversible Fancy Dress Outfit GiveawayThis week we’ve been playing pirates and princesses …With one outfit! It’s the first reversible fancy dress costume I’ve ever seen. And it’s got a hoop in it. The first dress with a hoop Miss Six and Miss Four have ever worn. Can you imagine the sways, spins and jumps that have been going on here! Not to mention the planks that have been walked, the treasure that’s been buried and the sword fighting.

Miss Six is a pirate …Who sometimes dresses up, as a princess.

Miss Four is definitely only a princess. Sometimes she pretends to be a pirate.

They have two very different versions of the story.

Reversible Fancy Dress Outfit GiveawayThat the dress is reversible is a big secret around here. I’m not allowed to say a word about it… Being able to suddenly change into something else, is their ‘magic’. So, this is privileged information  – you didn’t hear it from me …And if you meet them, you don’t know!

There’s been a lot of dancing going on here. Both girls have been shaking their booty in this costume. Totally independently of each other, that’s been their reaction to wearing it. I think it’s the hoop that’s done it. The shiny fabric and the way it swishes around when they’re spinning.

I love catching these glimpses of their independence. That just wearing the outfit was enough to be zap them into role play, and that their stories were so different, because they were their own.



Reversible Fancy Dress Outfit GiveawayI was sent this dress for review and I get to keep it afterwards. As a review, the opinions expressed here are my own, candid honest opinions about this product. Please check out my privacy and disclosure policy if you’d like more information.

The dress is beautiful!

And the idea of Double-Flip, having two fancy dress costumes in one is fantastic. We have a box full of dress up clothes, I would love if the same number of outfits took up half the amount of space!

The quality is great. There are no loose threads anywhere, or incorrectly sown seams.

I washed the dress on a hand wash cycle at 30 C, there was no shrinkage (measured before and after), Reversible Fancy Dress Outfit Giveawayand no colour run (I put a white cloth in there, just to check). The hoop was easily removed and replaced after washing.

This dress is for ages 6-8 and it’s worked perfectly for both my girls, neither of whom are the ‘size’ specified by their age. Miss Four is as tall as a 5 year old. Miss Six is as tall as an 8 year old. So you can see how the dress looks. Down to the toes of a 5 year old. And about 12 cm over the ankles of an 8 year old.

Miss four wanted to have a vest under the dress when she was dressed as a pirate, because she said the sequins on the front panel of the princess dress inside were scratchy. Kids definitely have different tolerances for texture against their skin. She wore a little vest under and was back out running, climbing and dancing.

Reversible Fancy Dress Outfit GiveawayI absolutely, totally recommend this product. 

And all the friends I’ve had over in the last few days have loved it too!


So, what’s in it for you?

An absolutely awesome giveaway!

You can choose any of the six reversible outfits available at Double-Flip.

From pirates, to astronauts, cinderella, ambulance and police personal, racing drivers, princesses, mermaids and more…Reversible Fancy Dress Outfit Giveaway

Select the size you’d like: 2-5 years, 6-8 years, 9-11 years. And tell me who you’d like to give it to. Open to anyone in Europe.

This is not going to be a long drawn out giveaway  because I want to make sure you get your fancy dress costume it in time for Halloween.

The winner will be drawn at random, at midnight on Tuesday 21st Oct (GMT +1 Stockholm time). And contacted within 24 hours of the closing.

– Astronaut / Racing Driver

Reversible Fancy Dress Outfit Giveaway- Emergency Services – Ambulance, Police and Fire Service.

– Summer/ Winter Fairy

– Princess/ Pirate

– Mermaid/ Princess

– Cinderella/ Princess

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