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double dip?

Posted on 4th May 2012
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So it’s official, we are in a double dip recession eeek. Well, living in and launching a business amongst all this doom and gloom has got me thinking. There is always a silver lining if you look hard enough. Belt tightening is difficult and unpleasant, and my heart goes out to those who have lost jobs. However looking at our spending habits is a good thing. How many of us have gone wild in H & M or Primark because it is SOOO cheap, ended up spending £50 and then hardly worn half the stuff?
Never mind the waste, how are these companies selling goods so cheaply? We all need to be more thoughtful about our buying decisions to help our bank balances and the world. When I am shopping I now ask myself the following questions:

Is it love? - Think twice, buy things you really love and will wear / use a lot.

Quality not quantity - is it good quality? It may cost a bit more but maybe it will last longer?

Versatility - will I get lots of use out of the item, can it be used in different ways, ie a dress that can become a top. Double sided or reversible items obviously fit the bill here!

Double dip? My husband calls me ‘relentlessly cheerful’, but I say the answer is double flip.

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