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Buying accessories for your accessories

Posted on 18th June 2012
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I have just spent a ridiculous amount of time choosing a collar for our fluffy cat Perdy. We are getting a magnetic cat flap to keep her boy friends out, so she needs one. However I didn’t need to spend all morning doing it, and she didn’t really need a silver sparkly one ...

I also spent about three days finding the perfect matching covers for my laptop and phone, and have persuaded myself they are essential office items. I need them to protect my gadgets ... I really do.

I know a cat technically isn’t an accessory, but I have been musing that it seems the more I have, the more I feel I have to buy. Deciding to get a cat / computer does not just stop there, oh no, each purchase just opens the door to a whole new world of shopping. It is never ending.


  1. The more you have the more you want, I must get a grip!
  2. Shopping on the internet is supposed to save you time, but in reality it just means I spend even longer choosing the perfect item.
  3. Don’t tell my husband.




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