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Top Christmas gifts for toddlers
Posted on 16th November 2017

Great news!  Our best selling toddler toys and games are back in stock. has classic, beautifully designed toys and games to suit every inquisitive child.  

Here are some hight lights:

Soft Farm Play Set

Our best selling soft farm playset has many beautiful details that will inspire hours of play. 

HERE for more info

Classic ride on plane

Just a stunning toy that will last for generations.

SEE HERE for more info

Tractor and trailer with farm animals

SEE HERE for more info

There are many more beautiful toys and great games at

Top Christmas gifts for boys and girls aged one
Posted on 3rd October 2017

Being one year old is the most exciting time. Sitting up, crawling and then walking, the world is just waiting to be discovered.  They are bombarded with new smells, sounds and sensations. Colours, textures, buttons and bells, sorting, building and knocking it all down again, it is all great fun and they are learning new things every day.  No wonder they also sleep so much!  We spend days and days finding the most entertaining, stimulating and beautifully designed toys for toddlers, so you can just take your pick!

Chloe is a beautiful doll made from soft plush and pretty fabric. The baby's outfit can be taken off and reversed, and there is even a little nappy which toddlers love to 'change.' A rattle in Chloe’s tummy, lets you know when she is up and about, and makes her delightful for younger and older children alike.  Pop baby in bed and take her with you, Chloe is a real favourite they won't want to leave her behind.

Height: 18cm, Length: 24cm, Width: 13.5cm

Double Flip: The basket, the blanket and the dolls clothing are all reversible.

Teaches:  Role play, imagination, story telling

Age: From birth but perfect for 9 months +

Flippers verdict: Once they can walk toddlers love carrying this baby basket around.

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This traditional wooden Victorian steam train has eight wheels and charming hand painted details.  Pull-a-long toys encourage walking, and this train is sure to be popular.  This beautiful toy got a royal seal of approval when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge allowed Prince George to bring it along to a photo shoot for their christmas card.  

W25 x D7.5 x H14.5 cm

Teaches: Encourages walking, imagination

Age:  12 months +

Flippers verdict:  A classic pull along toy (with Royal Approval)


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Roll & Play has got to be the first game ever designed specifically for toddlers. To play, simply toss the big plush cube and identify which colored side faces up. Choose a matching color card and perform the simple activity shown, such as  “Make a happy face,”  or “Moo like a cow.”  Roll & Play is the ideal way to gently introduce play patterns and rules.  A lovely way for a toddler to play with older siblings, or indeed any one!

There is a handy storage pocket for the cards on the cube, making it a great game to take to other peoples houses or on holiday.  

Double Flip: Flip the six sided cube to play

Players: 2 or more

Teaches: Colours, play patterns, visual recognition, numeracy & taking in turns!  Colours, boby parts, animal sounds, counting, colours, actions.

Age: 18 months and up

Flippers verdict:  A simple yet brilliant way to interact with your toddler

See more  ...

These clever boxes stack, but do much more too.  Each pair of boxes creates a character, and you can create your own funny characters by mixing them up.  Some of the boxes fit inside one another so you can ‘dress’ a charcter in new clothes. This is one set of boxes with several activities. 


Double Flip:  A clever set of boxes that stack, or fit inside each other or match up in pairs


Teaches: Logic & problem solving, shape awareness, motor skills & hand eye coordination


Our verdict: Brilliant fun on many levels. A compact set that would be great entertainment on the go.


More info  ...


See much much more in our toys for age 1 to 3 years CLICK HERE ...



Top Christmas presents for baby boys and girls
Posted on 28th September 2017

I really believe that we have one of the best ranges of toys for baby boys and girls.  We put a lot of time and care into finding beautifully designed, educational, stimulating toys that baby will love.

We can also gift wrap and send presents for you.

Here are some high lights:  

Wigwam Soft Play Set


This beautiful soft play set of ten little indians is great fun for all ages. The family will have many adventures with their canoe or horse and then while away evenings around the campfire and totem pole.  The wigwam closes, keeping every one safe (and tidy) inside. 


The set is safe from birth and so would make a great baby shower or christening present.



The Flip: The many elements of this set can be tidied away inside the wigwam.

Teaches: Imagination, numeracy, role play

Age: birth to 5 years

Flippers verdict: This set would look great decorating a baby’s bedroom until they are ready to play.

For more info CLICK here

Reversible fairy doll and rattle

Teaches:  Sensory awareness, story telling, motor skills

Flippers verdict:  Beautiful first doll, with lots of fun sounds and textures.

Click for more info


Reversible Hedghog to owl rattle

TeachesDiscovery of different sounds and textures

Flippers verdict: Perfect for playing peek a boo!

Click for more info

Lion Stacking Rings

A classic set of brightly painted wooden stacking rings. Place the rings on the wooden pole in size order or any way you like!  Finish off the stack with the cheerful lion head. This simple but absorbing toy for babies and toddlers is great for encouraging hand eye coordination and sorting as they get older.

W14 x D14 x H25cm

Double flip:  Staking and sorting

Teaches: Problem solving, hand eye coordination

Age:  12 months +

Flippers verdict:  Classic toy that teaches valuable skills


Click here for more info

Top Christmas Toys and Games from double-flip
Posted on 10th December 2016

Give them a 'can't stop smiling face’



In our house the children start planning their Christmas list right after their birthdays (April).  The very thought makes me want to go and lie down in a dark room.  So by the time I really start planning my shopping, many lists later, the anticipation and excitement is at fever pitch.  


SO - here are our top tried and tested toys across the range.  The show stoppers, the ones where parents come back to me and wax lyrical about how delighted their little flippers were.


Red Riding Hood Reversible Upside down Doll



Every one knows and loves Little Red Riding Hood, and this doll brings the tale to life, with three characters in one toy . Charming details such as her picnic basket can be opened (magnetic fastening) to reveal jam and waffles for tea. Her stroll through the woods is depicted on the base of her skirt. Then turn her skirt over and underneath Granny can be found waiting. Pull back Granny’s hat to reveal the hungry wolf. But all is not lost, open the flap and the hunter re-unites the family.

Height: 22cm, Length: 14cm, Width: 24cm

Double Flip: Three in one upside down doll, with grandmother and the wolf under the skirt.

Teaches: Role play, encourages new vocabulary story telling

Age: From birth

Flippers verdict:  Beautifully designed and full of surprizes - one of our best selliers.

For more info CLICK here


Cinderella Rags to Riches Reversible Fancy Dress



Rags to riches in one dress. Brush up your acting skills and tell the whole story with one costume. One side has patches and a ragged top skirt. Bibbity bobbity boo! Behold, with one quick flip the dress transforms into a golden gown with ruched sleeves and a jeweled neck line. White and gold organza lace fills the middle panel. The skirt has a hoop for maximum flounce.


For more info CLICK here



Spaceman to Racing Car Driver Reversible Fancy Dress

A reversible costume for those with a love of speed and shiny engines! Explore space in the hi-tech silver suit, and then drive home in your racing car. Jacket, trousers and all important head gear.

For more info CLICK here

Roll and play Age 18 months +

 A fantastic first game for toddlers and one of our best sellers.  

See more info here

Zingo BIngo Age 4+  

The whole family will enjoy this fun version of bingo, things can get a little noisy!   Shh don't tell them its also educational.




Review by Belle du Brighton Blog
Posted on 30th June 2016

Washable Fun & Games Mat  A Review by Belle du Brighton Blog


This is such a great idea for a rainy day, or for holidays, visiting friends or anytime you can’t be loaded down with lots of different toys, books and colouring bits! It’s a big printed material mat, with fun and games on both sides! It comes with washable markers, dice and playing pieces so not only can you play a giant game of snakes and ladders or noughts and crosses, but you could draw clothes on a person, practise writing letters and numbers or just colour things in!

Lots of educational but fun prompts are included so it’s one of those things that parents know is educational but kids don’t pick up on it as they’re having so much fun! Because it’s completely washable you can just stick it in the washing machine and start again! I can confirm that it comes out as good as new after Athena got a bit trigger happy with a pink and a green pen in a more ‘abstract’ way but she had a ball and I didn’t have to worry about pen anywhere it shouldn’t be! The mat is slightly padded so no chance of colour going all the way through either! The activities are suitable from ages 3 to 10 so if you’ve got kids in this age range everyone will be happy playing with it! It also comes with an eco friendly cotton bag for storage and carrying around easily, win win!

It’s from Double Flip, and everything you buy comes gift wrapped, for free! Athena thought her birthday had arrived again! They sell a huge range of kids toys, sorted by age and including wooden toys stacking toys, fancy dress and more!

What do you turn to to keep everyone busy and happy on a rainy day?


Time to play out side
Posted on 28th April 2016


See more here

The sun is out and it's time to get the kids playing out side.  I know it is still a bit chilly, but getting the kids away from the telly and into the sunshine lifts the spirits and is so good for them.  Whilst too much sun is harmful to the skin, the right amount has considerable health benefits.

Did you know:

Just ten minutes a day in the sun can give you all the vitamin D you need. Vitamin D is essential to build strong bones.  

The right amount of UV rays can help treat psoriasis, eczema, jaundice, and acne.

Sunlight encourages the brain to realease a hormone called serotonin, which lifts the spirits, induces a feeling of calm, and helps focus.

Our beautiful new wooden toy range is wipeable, sturdy and fun for babies and toddlers playing al fresco.  Pop a toy in the picnic, or bicycle basket and you may get a few peaceful moments to lie on a rug ...

For more info click here

Click here for details

Click here

double-flip Diggerland give away
Posted on 9th March 2016

double-flip have a family ticket for Diggerland to give away

Ever dreamed of driving a digger? Get to grips with real JCBs and 180/360 excavators, take a head-reeling turn or two on the Spindizzy, rise to lofty heights and enjoy the views on the Skyshuttle, enjoy a bone-rattling off-road ride on the Groundshuttle, or have a go on the Dodgems and Go-Karts!

Diggerland has 18 different rides and drives, plus indoor and outdoor play areas.

A great day out for all the family in Kent, Durham, Devon or Yorkshire.

Winner will be announced via social media on Wed 23rd March


a Rafflecopter giveaway



Home or away - how to have a great half term.
Posted on 8th February 2016

Half term, phew! The worst of the winter is over hopefully, time for some much needed rest and recouperation.  Whether you are going away or staying at home we will all need wet weather entertainment. 


Actually, getting cosy, preferably in front of a log fire, with the family and some hilarious games, is something I look forward to.  So, whether you are on a sunny terrace or on around the kitchen table, here is what to slip in the suit case:



6 years +

This fun and fast flipping game has been a best seller for 20 years.  Flip and stack the giant loaf of cards to build slamwiches and double-deckers.  Tomato, cheese, tomato ... slap!  Get their first and win the pile.  But watch out you’ll have to catch the thieves and stop meddling munchers along the way.  Collect all the cards and you are a Super Slamwich winner!



Flippers verdict: A brilliant game that is simple to learn, but fun for all ages.


More info CLICK



Wig out

6 years +

Wig out is a race that is played over five rounds, there is no taking turns, all players play cards as fast as they can until some runs out of cards and yells WIG OUT!    



Flippers verdict:  A hilarious and fun game for all the family


More info CLICK




7 years + (But we found younger players got it)

Everyone gets ten dice.  Someone says ‘GO’, then everyone rolls and rolls as fast as they can until the winner gets all their dice to the same number and yells TENZI!  Simple but hilariously good fun.  




Flippers verdict:  Tenzi was a favourite of our little flippers. Simple but brilliant game every one can play.


More info CLICK




Age 4 years + (But every one enjoys this game!)

The classic game of bingo made cool for kids.  Players keep their eyes peeled for tokens to match the pictures on their card, see a match, and the first to shout ZINGO! gets the token.  The first to fill their card wins.  Comes with a simple but effective 'zinger' which dispenses the two tokens when pulled forward.

Flippers Verdict: Fun and fast game for all the family, but impossible to play quietly!

More Info CLICK 

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